Grody bath towels got you down? Make yourself some disposable rags

. 1 min read

Not only did this ugly purple bath towel get bleached, it also somehow managed to get white acrylic paint on itself. Not that I mind for myself – a clean towel is a clean towel – but I can't leave it on the stack, because what if a guest grabs it?

Good bye Towelie. Meet your new destiny as a pile of nice little re-usable disposable rags.

Wash the towel first, then cut it up. If you have a cutting mat and a rotary cutter, it takes about five minutes. Scissors take longer, and hurt your hands. The fastest method of all is to nip the edge with scissors and rip them up. The edges will be uglier, but that's fine, too. We're making rags.

The mediums and the larges go into a basket in the kitchen for wiping counters, drying dishes, doing oil changes on your car, and messy art projects. The littles get stacked up at the bathroom sink for washing faces, applying make-up, wiping spit off mirrors, or, let's say, personal sanitary needs. If they get dirty, throw them into the trash without guilt – they are rags! Or you can rinse them out and use them again.

Some people like to add a decorative hem with a serger, or even pretty bindings. That's fine if you're looking for a nice sewing project, but that's an afternoon of work, and they don't feel disposable anymore.

One bath towel = 3 piles rags

If you're wondering what those ugly boards are, they are fence slats from the corral at the old farm. Seems like they can be used for something... still on the back burner.